About P37 Cannabis: Your Premier Cannabis Dispensary

P37 Cannabis is a cross-generational and community-centered recreational cannabis dispensary. Established in the heart of Gallup, NM, we serve the members of our community with our vast range of superior quality marijuana products. Our goal is to ensure holistic enjoyment of cannabis use which transcends from recreational to therapeutic.

Dispensary in Mentmore & Church Rock

Delivering the finest cannabis experience, our recreational marijuana dispensary also serves the localities of Mentmore and Church Rock, NM. We focus mainly on customer satisfaction and safety, giving you the right strain for your needs.

Quality Marijuana and Gaming Experience in Gamerco

We extend our expert services to Gamerco, where our patrons enjoy a unique gaming and cannabis experience at the P37 marijuana dispensary. Combining responsible cannabis use with a fun-filled environment, P37 is redefining recreational marijuana use.

Medical and Recreational Cannabis Allocation in Allison

Coming to Allison, P37 continues to strike a balance between recreational and medical marijuana dispensation. Here, we operate as a medical marijuana dispensary & pot shop, fittingly named Prohibition 37, providing a seamless shopping experience for our committed clientele.

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