Discover the Limitless World of East Coast Cannabis

Step beyond the threshold at East Coast Cannabis, your local cannabis dispensary destination with locations spread across East Vassalboro, ME, Rochester, NH, Dover, NH and Sanford, ME. We provide our community with a unique experience combined with exceptional customer service, without the confusing jargon. Here, every customer is appreciated, whether you’re a medical marijuana patient or a recreational enthusiast.

Your Medical Marijuana Solution

Our Medical Marijuana dispensary in East Vassalboro, ME and Rochester, NH, is furnished with a vast array of high-quality medical cannabis products. From tinctures, salves, to strain-specific edibles, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that you get the treatment you deserve. Our knowledgeable staff is ever ready to guide you through your medical marijuana journey.

Experience Premium Cannabis

Be it Portsmouth or Dover, each customer is treated to a rich and unique marijuana dispensary experience. We house an exclusive array of premium marijuana strains that cater to a varied palette of recreational users. Ranging from the smooth and subtle to the bold and intense, we got you covered.

Find a Cannabis Dispensary Near You

We understand the need for convenience, which is why we strive to expand our locations. From Sanford and York in Maine to Portsmouth in New Hampshire, you’re sure to find an East Coast Cannabis dispensary near you. So, come on in and discover what’s possible with a little help from your friendly neighborhood weed dispensary at East Coast Cannabis.

East Coast Cannabis – Serving You Better

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or are just beginning to explore the benefits of cannabis, we’re here for you. Let East Coast Cannabis guide you through this diverse and exciting world with our quality products and knowledgeable team.