The Highest Humor with The Farm Dispensary Santa Cruz

Ever wondered how your daily greens could turn out to be the funniest part of your day? Well, wonder no more. At The Farm Dispensary Santa Cruz, we’re not your everyday Cannabis Dispensary. Beside delivering top-notch cannabis at your doorstep, we also ensure you’re tickled green with laughter.

Located conveniently nearby, we are the local dispensary in Santa Cruz, CA that individuals refer to as their ‘go-to’ for a hearty laugh and high-quality weed. Backstroke? Breaststroke? Nope, it’s the Weed-stroke – the only stroke that takes you to higher heights and a refreshing headspace!

Operated by the ever-hilarious Kolaboration Ventures Corporation, we pledge to make Santa Cruz synonymous with weed and wit. We stand firm on our commitment to keeping the atmosphere lighthearted and our cannabis light-headed. So, Santa Cruz, it’s time to join us and match giggles with green, laughter with leaf, and chuckles with cannabis. We’re stoked to spark up both your spliffs and smiles at The Farm Dispensary Santa Cruz.

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