Your Neighborhood Dispensary: New Standard

When it comes to seeking top quality dispensary services, New Standard is your next door companion! Proudly serving Sand Lake, MI and Muskegon, MI, we are your trusted local hub of quality and variety. Our commitment to the community reaches far beyond being just a dispensary.

A New Standard of Service

At New Standard, we ensure that our customers get more than they expect. Our professionally trained team has excellent product knowledge and we’re always ready to assist. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or stepping in for the first time, we’re here to guide you through our wide range of products. Our comprehensive menu pulls together the best from all over Michigan. Also, we’re passionate about education and transparency. This allows us to craft an impeccable shopping experience tailored to all of our customers’ unique needs and preferences.

Welcoming Environment

Creating an inviting and comfortable environment is a priority at New Standard. We cater to both medical and recreational consumers. With us, you’ll always feel at ease to ask questions, express your needs, and explore new products. Stop by our branches in Sand Lake or Muskegon today!