Embrace Unparalleled Service at Our Cannabis Provisioning Centers

Welcome to New Standard – home to an exceptional range of cannabis products. We believe in pushing boundaries to create new experiences and elevate the standards of what’s possible. We extend this belief by focusing on our cannabis provisioning centers, the heart of our operations.

A Variety Like No Other

At each New Standard location, we offer a carefully curated assortment of products to suit any user, whether you’re exploring cannabis for the first time, or you are an experienced enthusiast seeking unique strains. Our centers boast a wide array of cannabis accessories, edibles, and CBD products, ensuring we cater to every need.

Unsurpassed Customer Experience

More than a retail store, we strive to create a comfortable space for education, exploration, and personal advancement. Our highly knowledgeable staff will guide you through your personal cannabis journey, providing exceptional service and support at every step. Trust in New Standard’s commitment to enrich your cannabis experience.

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